Elite was founded on the principle of benefiting our local community, and we give 100% of our profit to local charities. We are proud to give all our profit this year to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Walnut Creek.


Do I pay more because you give to charity?

No. You sacrifice nothing. Elite has the best products in the world, the best service in the area, and the lowest prices anywhere on premium appliances, guaranteed.

Virtually all premium appliances are price-protected: There is a minimum price set by the manufacturer that no one can sell below.

Many stores list higher prices to increase profit and to allow some wiggle room for customers who will not buy unless they feel they are getting a discount. Others mark the price up only to mark it down again to create the illusion of a sale.

We skip all those games and simply sell at the lowest price allowed. You cannot find a better price anywhere.

How do you stay in business?

The minimum prices set by the manufacturers have a margin built in. This margin allows us to cover our expenses, provide our employees with living wages and great benefits, and still have some profit left over. In traditional companies, that profit would go to the owners. At Elite, that profit goes straight to local charities instead.

This business model is an experiment in charitable capitalism, largely untested. However, one company – Newman’s Own – has been doing this with food products since 1982.

How do I know this isn’t a scam?

It would be easy to claim to do good but not follow through, so we have several controls in place to prevent abuse or fraud.

Starting in 2019, our financial records will be audited by an independent third party, and our charity partners will have access to these audits to confirm that they are receiving all that they should and to verify compliance with all our stated rules.

For example: The owners cannot take any profit distributions, and their salaries are limited to a multiple of that of the lowest-paid employee. At present, the owners are the lowest-paid employees, but if this changes, it will be done so transparently and publicly.

As we learn and grow, we will fine-tune these controls to ensure this business model’s legitimacy and success.

Why are you donating to ARF?

ARF does a lot of good for local people who need it most. ARF serves a broad cross-section of local community members who are most in need, including veterans, children, and seniors, with several programs that benefit people and animals alike, such as:

Pets and Vets
Trains promising rescue dogs to become service dogs for veterans with conditions like PTSD, brain injuries, and depression. These dogs, which typically cost a fortune, are provided at no expense to the veterans.

All Ears Reading
Free program that matches local children with therapy dogs to help improve skills, instill confidence, and develop a love of reading.

Pet Hug Pack
Therapy animal program of over 200 teams of qualified pets and handlers who visit children, seniors, and veterans in need, free of charge.

We encourage you to learn more about all the programs and services ARF provides here.

How do you know the money will go to good use?

ARF is an extremely well-run charity. This is important because while most charities have noble goals, few execute and deliver on these goals as well or as efficiently as ARF does.

For the past 11 years, ARF has received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator — a feat only one percent of charities have accomplished. A mere one-eighth of donated funds go to overhead; the remainder is spent on its programs, and ARF receives no government funding.