High traffic volume and domain name value

Value is something on the minds of domain name owners and potential buyers whenever a property is offered for sale at GoElite Auction. An important part of what we can offer our clients is valuation services that are essential to both sellers and buyers. Sellers find it useful to help them estimate the bids their asset might attract, and it also offers them the ability to determine if this is the right time for them to sell.

Buyers, on the other hand, want to know the value of the premium domain names they are interested in pursuing at auction in order to decide on the amount of their bid. Knowing the approximate value of a property avoids overpaying for something, but it also helps prevent losing a prized domain because the bid was far below its estimated value.

For both sellers and bidders, high traffic volume can aid in estimating the value of a domain name. Most domains are competing for the attention of consumers or site visitors with other businesses or organizations within the marketplace. Drawing traffic to a website is one of the primary functions of a premium domain name, so it stands to reason that the volume of traffic should be a factor determining the value of the domain at auction.

The GoElite Auction professionals are there to guide our clients through the live auction process, but it is the services they provide in advance of the auction that make them so valuable to sellers and bidders. We help our auction participants to understand key differences in traffic generated through pay per click and organic traffic and the role each might play contributing to the value of a premium domain name.

High traffic volume is only one of several factors to consider when evaluating a domain name for acquisition or sale. Contact a GoElite Auction domain expert to review the process of placing a value on a premium asset.