The influx of generic top-level domains has everyone in the domain name industry wondering how they will compare to the .com extension as far as value on the resale market. As a general rule, the marketplace does not appear ready to abandon its long-standing preference that premium domain names should have a .com extension. Although, some gTLDs, such as .design, .party and .lawyer appear to have caught on in popularity, their investment potential remains uncertain.

Generic top-level domains began with the following extensions to identify particular domain classes that are now familiar to most people:

• .com for commercial uses
• .net for internet providers
• .org for non-profit organizations
• .gov for government
• .mil for military
• .edu for educational institutions
• .int for international treaties

Over the course of the past few years, new gTLDs have been registered as businesses seek new methods of branding and marketing. As marketing tools, companies believe the new gTLDs offer them a better opportunity to differentiate and enhance their brands. The ability to create an online presence or to reposition an existing brand with a new extension, such as .realtor, .finance, .buzz and .fashion, offers new options for global marketing.

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For instance, marketing.agency and stock.photo are two of the gTLDs found at GoElite Auction. Where the rush to gTLDs will take investors and users remains to be seen, but GoElite Auction will continue as a source of trusted and expert advice, guidance and information about the latest trends in premium domains.