If you have a premium domain name to sell, GoElite Auction offers live auctions, which have proven to be the best platform for selling and acquiring domains. We work with licensed auctioneers in each state to ensure sellers and buyers of a flawless experience. Every aspect of the auction is overseen by professional auctioneers who know the domain industry and put that knowledge to use creating a market for each property listed for sale with us.

Auctioneers do more than merely acknowledge bids. Their role in making an auction a success begins long before the bidding starts. It is the auctioneer who works with sellers to determine the value of the asset to be sold and find the best methods for pre-auction promotion and marketing of those assets.

The auction professionals at GoElite Auction know from their years of experience in handling the sale and acquisition of premium domain names that attracting buyers with an interest in the particular property being offered is essential to the success of an auction. In effect, they create a market, and by doing so, they give sellers the best opportunity for achieving the value they desired when they made the decision to put the asset up for sale. Buyers are offered the best opportunity for finding and acquiring a domain suitable for their business or investment goals.

Our auctioneers work with other members of the GoElite Auction team to create and execute a marketing and promotion campaign far enough in advance of the scheduled auction to attract interested bidders. There is a unique quality to premium domain names, so we work diligently to promote that uniqueness to the particular segment of the marketplace most likely to produce qualified bidders at the auction.

As the pioneers in live auctions of premium domains, the people behind GoElite Auction have years of hands-on experience in the domain industry. When combined with the expertise of professional auctioneers, the result is a successful auction experience for sellers and bidders.